About Nisse House of Art
We are a for-profit social enterprise art studio and shop creating opportunities for low income rural women and young girls at risk through building entrepreneurial skills, developing leadership, supporting goals and learning self-care and healthy lifestyles. We rent art studio space, offer workshops and sell quality artistic/craftsmen items, gifts and supplies to support our mission.

We offer curated fine arts and crafts mainly from Coulee Region artists/craftsmen though will include unique artwork from artists/craftsmen from around the world. Specialty craftsmanship and original artwork include paintings, prints, tiles, clothing, bonsai, terrariums, and musical instruments with an emphasis on reclaimed, salvaged, restyled and re-purposed items ranging from jewelry to furniture.

Store Address
211 S. Main Street
Westby, WI  54667

Studio Address
209 S. Main Street
Westby, WI  54667

Business Hours
Monday – Saturday 10am – 6pm
Sunday 10am – 3pm
Phone: 608-634-2090
Email: art@NisseHouse.com


About Our Mission
As a for-profit social enterprise, 10% of the gross profit goes toward development and support of leadership, entrepreneurial and healthy lifestyle programs for teenage girls at risk and women in poverty living in Vernon County. Short-term, Nisse House of Art intends to hire local low income women training them for managerial positions within the retail industry. Long-term, we are establishing a foundation to help women launch their own cottage industries within Vernon County and a scholarship fund to financially support low income women wanting to attend business and vocational school.


Monica is a diverse artist who studies and specializes in creating bonsai, topiary, terrariums and landscape design. With an artistic eye for quality design, beauty and color and a big heart for service, Monica reclaims, restyles, re-purposes and creates fine arts and crafts from jewelry to furniture. You can also catch her sketching portraits, practicing various needle works and trying her hand at anything creative, challenging and fun.